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MONACH LIGHTHOUSE [3 illegible scored out words]
Monach Lighthouse
(Revolving, White)
Mr. A. McDonald.
Oliver & Boyd's Almanac 1875. p796.
037 This name applies to a lighthouse situated on the westernmost of a small group of islands known as the "Monach Isles," distant about 6 miles westwards of North Uist. The tower in which the lights are situated is about150. feet in height. there are altogether two lights. the principal one being a flashing revolving white light visible every 10.second and seen at a distance of about 20. miles in clear weather. the other is a red, steadily burning light and situated in the tower about thirty feet from the ground visible only to the north-west. the principal object of this light is to ward vessels off a dangerous reef known as the Husheiran within about one. & a half miles of R.H.

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County of Inverness -- Monach Isles

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