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Torran na Mionna
Little Knoll of the Oath (Continued)
estate and clan was married and had two Children. The younger also resided on the estate living on a small farm the property of his brother, he to was married and had six sons, all grown up. It appears that the brother who possessed the small farm and large family wished to possess more, in fact he could not understand why he ought not to possess the estate as well. So he formed a dark conspiracy in conjunction with his six sons by which they were to get rid of the Chief and his family and obtain the estate for themselves. They murdered the Chief and his family but they found that by doing so they made matters worse than they previously were. Songs were composed and sung before the surrounding Chiefs by certain Eoin Lom or bare John for the purpose of inciting them to revenge their neighbours death. When the seven murderers saw that their lives were not safe they fled to the hills and it was at Torran na Mionna that they swore by the dirk to be true to each other.

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