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Culloden House
Culloden House
Arthur Forbes Esq. [Esquire] proprietor
Duncan Forbes Esq. [Esquire]
Mr. John Mc.Gillivray, Schoolmaster
004 This fine mansion is situated about 4 miles from Inverness, in the centre of a fine estate; and consists of a central square block - 3 storeys high - on each side of which is a smaller detached block, connected by a court yard, the three forming a very imposing front.
The ancient residence for the estate was at Balmore (the Big Town) near Stratton Lodge - but, more than three centuries ago, it was removed to the present site. In1781-2 this was also demolished and the present edifice raised on its base, the lower part of the building being retained intact, and which is a series of arches forming vaults; in one of which vaults, styled "The Dungeon", 17 of Prince Chalie's party were confined, after the battle of Culloden, for three days, and then conveyed away in carts and shot. The building was at one time encompassed with a ditch and protected by cannon - the embrasures for which still remain.
Culloden House is of considerable historical importance from the fact of its having been the residence of Lord President Forbes, who was so instrumental in suppressing the Rebellion of 1745, as well as being the headquarters of the Highland Army for the three days preceding their last and fatal battle on Culloden Muir - the Lord President having fled, The field of battle, however, lies wholly out of this Parish. The bed in which Prince Charles slept in still carefully preserved in the house, as well as several objects of curiosity which have been picked up on the battlefield. In the lawn, fronting the mansion, stands the withered trunk of a fine old tree, covered with ivy. In 1715, during an attack by the Lovat party, a man was killed by a bough of this tree which was knocked off by a cannon ball fired from Culloden House. A little further on stands the "Brangas Tree" - a relic of feudal times - and for which seeparticular description. There is a fine deep well, within the house, in the vault next the dungeon. Property and residence of Arthur Forbes Esq. [Esquire}

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