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[This page has two pieces of correspondence, set side by side. I have transcribed the left-hand letter first and the right hand one undeneath]

it would be well
if the suggestion
"Ysle of Moy" is
adopted that the
alterations on plan
& documents be
effected by you.
I would be glad
to know your decision
regarding the spelling.
A.B. Coddington
6 Feb. 71 [06.02.1871]

Sir [??? ??]
i think it
wld [would] be better
not to repeat the words
"Isle of Moy"-
but simply
write "Castle" [??]
in German characters
& "? ?'
[?] Cameron Grant
14/2 [14.02.1871]


For Lieut [Lieutenant] Coddington to see and return. John [?] 15.2.71 [15.02. 1871]

Read & returned A.B. Coddington [??] 17 Feb 1871 [17.02.1871]

Transcriber's notes

I found much of the right hand side letter indecipherable, particularly the signatures and titles.

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