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[This page has two pieces of correspondence, set side by side. I have transcribed the left-hand letter first and the right hand one undeneath]

O.S. Office
Inverness 6 July 71 [06.07.1870]
Captain Parsons
This refers to an
island with ruins
of a castle upon it
situated upon a loch
to be found in sheet
21 Inverness-shire.
It has been written
on the plan "Isle
of Moy," and the
castle in German
type as "Isle of
Moy Castle."
As this plan is at Southampton if

Capt [Captain] Parsons
I have [been]
over the sheet

Copl [Corporal] Cairncross,
The authorities in the
Name book including
the writer of this
request are stated
to spell the name,
"Isle of Moy Castle"
the request is now
to spell it "Ysle
of Moy," to agree with
old deeds. -The name
is written in German
text on the plan,
in which way should
it be spelt?
R.M. Parsons Cop RE [Corporal Royal Engineers]

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