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"The Roman camp at Battledykes comprised about eighty acres, & was encompassed by two ramparts of stone & earth, which were separated from each other by a ditch; its superficial extent being about 2970 by 1850 feet. It appears to have had six gates, covered by straight epaulments, five of which were perfectly distinct in the year 1795. Two of these five were situated on each side, & one at the eastern extremity. The opposite line of ramparts had by that time so completely disappeared, that excepting at one corner, where the bend of the entrenchment might be plainly observed, no traces of the original form could be distinguished. Two artificial tumili, one composed of stones, the other of gravel, stood within the rampart, & a third occupied a position a short distance in advance of one of the gates. The camp at Battledykes was situated in an open plain, at the entrance of the valley of Strathmore. It was somewhat more extensive than the largest camp at Ardoch, & was capable of containing, on the Polybian system, about 28.000 men, & on that of Hyginus, from 60.000 to 70.000. Its position is now occupied by cultivated fields; in trenching a part of which, some small urns were lately brought to light, & also a stone coffin - most probably the tomb of some Pictish or Danish warrior."
Caledonia Romana

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