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Site of the PRAETORIUM [Battledykes] Site of Camp Continued 032 [continued from page 11]
places pretty entire and in others but partially traceable, there were 2 passges or roadways one of which entered the Camp near the N.E. [North East] angle where there are still to be seen a very small portion of the remains of the rampart, see trace, the other entrance was near the south east angle. There had been other 2 entrances at the other angles which were but faintly traceable in the late Mr. Carnegies time. Within the ditch on the south side of the Camp stood a Tumulus which cost a great deal of labour and expense in the leveling of it. This is what Mr. Carnegie calls the King's Palace.
"On the sloping banks of the Lemno, there are the remains of a Roman Camp of very considerable magnitude. This is called the Camp of Battledykes. The mean length is about 2970 feet, breadth 1850 ft. [feet] It encloses a space of about 80 acres, and is now the site of a well cultivated farm called Battledykes. It is situated at the entrance of the great Valley of Strathmore, commanding the whole of the Lowlands beneath the base of the Grampians; and at the same time it guards the passes of the Highlands through the neighbouring Valles of Glen Isla, Glen Prison, and Glen Clova. This Camp communicated with the celebrated Camp at Ardoch by means of the Roman Iter, which passes through the parish. There are no traces of this Iter now to be seen here. Passing through the Camp, the Iter continued its progress for about 11 miles in an E.N.E. [East North East] direction on the south side of the Esk, under the Fort of the Hill of Finhaven & across the moor of Brechin, till it came to another Camp at Wardykes. This latter Camp was so placed as to command the fort of Caterthun. The Camp of Battledykes communicated also by a smaller Iter with another Camp at Haerfaulds, about 8 miles distant which commanded the whole of Forfarshire." New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account]
"There is the Vestige of a Camp supposed to be Roman. Its dimensions are 1200 yards in length & 600 in breadth. There are 2 Tumuli in it, which have never been opened. The site of the camp is now a well cultivated farm called Battledikes" Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] No Tumuli was ever found in the late Mr. Carnegies time. But there is one a few chains south of the camp on the farm of Birkenbush see adjoining trace.
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Continued entries/extra info

[Page] 12

R. Hector Esqr. Factor
and the present tenant
both say, the track of the
ditch is perfectly discernable
when the crops are on the

The Rev. [Reverend] H. Stewart of Oathlaw
says, from a description
given in Roy's Antiquities,
that the Roman Army amounting
to 15000 men through up
a ditch here, and encamped
only for a night.

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