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Fort [White Caterthun] (Continued) [continued from page 11]
feet in depth, but filled up with stones and rubbish, is still there. The space contained within the Inner, or principal rampart, is of small extent, comprehending, however, within its area a rectangular praetorium, which is not usually met with in works of this kind, But the most extraordinary thing which occurs in this British Fort, is the astonishing dimensions of the rampart composed entirely of large loose stones, being at least 25 feet thick at top, and upwards of one hundred at bottom.......... there is another double intrenchment running round the slope of the hill, The intermediate space probably served as Camp for the troops, which the interior post, from its smallness could only contain a part of, The entrance to this is by a single gate on the East end, but opposite to it there are two leading through the outward intrenchment, between which a work projects containing some pen posted there as an additional security in that quarter," General Roy's Work on Antiquities
CAIRNS [nr White Caterthun] Mr. Carney Arbuthnot Propr. [Proprietor]
Revd. [Reverend] J. Anderson
019 A group of small Cairns by the roadside below the White Caterthun on the west side - Some of them have been opened by Mr. Anderson as he informed me - nothing found.
[Initialled] J.B. Lt.Col. R.E. [Lieutenant Colonel Royal Engineers]

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