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Subterraneous Caves and Buildings (Continued) [continued from page 31]
In the former Account of this parish a full and interesting description is given of a subterraneous building discovered it is said a few years before, near Lundie House (now Camperdown.) The following is the account given of it, somewhat abridged.
The discovery was made in consequence of the frequent interruptions experienced in ploughing the field. Upon a search being made flat stones were found of a surprising breadth which were employed to cover certain artificial recesses which then appeared. One was larger than the rest being 6 feet in breadth 12 in length and 5 in height. The walls and floor were of stone. This communicated with other small apartments by a passage about 2 or 2½ feet wide. The building stood on the shelving side of a rock. On the compartments being first opened all of them were filled with a rich black mould on removing which the remains of some burnt matter were found and fragments of bones but so small as rendered it impossible to ascertain whether they belonged to the human body or not. There were likewise found some querns or hand-mills about 14 Inches diameter much worn supposed to have been used in grinding Corn. In the centre of some of these querns a small bit of iron was fastened showing the handle to have been of that metal. Before this building was closed we are told it was minutely inspected by the Sir David Dalrymple, Lord Hailes.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Forfarshire p. [page] 581

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