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CAVES or Subterraneous Buildings Discovered Here [Camperdown House] Caves or Subterraneous Buildings Discovered Here New Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account]
Mr. Taylor, Sub Factor Camperdown
Forfarshire Illustrated
053 [Situation] About 20 Chains E by S [East by South] of Camperdown House
Two or three caves or subterraneous buildings were discovered many years ago, within the space encircled on trace near to Camperdown House, Containing Some mould, human bones, a few hand mills or querns, and small pieces of silver intended either for ornaments or money. There is no written record respecting the pieces of silver, and I got the information from an old person living in the locality, who heard it from others now dead. The caves were immediately closed up after having been inspected. The discovery was made about 80 or 90 yrs. [years] ago, and at the present time very little information can be gleaned on the ground, respecting the shape, dimensions or content of these Caves. A hand mill is preserved at Camperdown Ho. [House], taken from one of the caves.
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