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Site of Church at
Fothringham House

Lands of the Lindsays page 299
"But of the ancient lords of Inverarity there is now
no trace, either in ruined castle, or legend, -
nay, even the Kirktown, or village in the
days of the Lindsays has disappeared, having
been supplied by the mansion house of
Fothringham, erected on the site of the
old Kirktown. An arch or doorway
of the old kirk was remaining at a late
*{date, and the burial ground is represented
{by a mound planted with shrubs, opposite
{the west window of Fothringham House"

New Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account] page 234.
"The situation of the church generally suggested
its own appellation, and that of the
whole parish to which it belonged; and
it appears to have done so in the present
case. For till 1754, when it was built
on its present site, the church of Inverarity
had, for a considerable period at
least, been situated near the present
house of Fothringham " &c. &c.

*[Refer extract from Land of the Lindsays]
The old kirk and burial ground referred
to above are marked on trace. The kirk
stood in the centre of the burial ground. The
extent of the latter is indicated by a red
dotted line.
[Initialled] J.K. 2nd Cor: RE [2nd Corporal Royal Engineers]

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