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Meathie Church

Lands of the Lindsays page 299.
"To the original parish of Inverarity, the adjoining
district of Meathie-Lour was added about two
hundred years ago. Both were in the diocese of
St. Andrews, and, after the reformation, were
served by one and the same minister; * and
the kirk of Meathie was "ruinous and decayed"
even in Guynd's time."
[Notation symbol shown against the last two lines - see below at end]
* Register of ministers, 1567.

Forfarshire Illustrated page 101
"The Parish of Inverarity, of which the estates
of Fotheringham constitute the largest part,
is formed of the old parish conjoined
with that of Meathie. The latter, as a parish,
was suppressed and annexed to the former
about the middle of the sixteenth century"

Fullarton's Gazetteer
"The present parish of Inverarity comprehends
the ancient and united parishes of
Inverarity and Meathie"

New Stat: Acct. [Statistical Account] page 234
"Under this name are comprehended
the contiguous and united parishes
of Inverarity and Meathie"

[Notation mark]
The Kirk and graveyard have been identified and marked
on trace. The former fell into disuse when the two parishes were
annexed, which the Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Louden, the present minister,
thinks to have been about two hundred years ago.
[Initialled] J.K. 2nd Cor: R.E. [2nd Corporal Royal Engineers]

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