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ST. NINIAN'S WELL St. Ninian's Well
St. Ninian's Well
St. Innen's and St Ninian's Well
Mr Tosh, Wellford
Mr. Robertson, Schoolmaster
Land of the Lindsays
026 "There is no fountain in the immediate vicinity of the church (Fearn) bearing the name of any saint; but at Wellford, a mile to the South West, a spring is called St. Innen's, which is probably a corruption of the name of St. Ninian, the apostle of the Picts, to whom, in Romish times, the Kirk may have been inscribed, for no field or knoll near Wellford bears any name which would lead one to suppose that a chapel had ever stood there, though within the last half century there were two or three large rude boulders near by" (alluding either to the Haerpithaugh stones or those at Vane Castle) "which were called Druidical Stones." Land of the Lindsays.
The common tradition respecting this spring, which is the finest in the countryside, is that the saint baptized at it at stated times when great numbers attended. The customary form of the name in speaking is more like Ninnens or
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Co. [County] Forfar -- Fearn Parish

"Towards the latter end of the 4th Century,
ere yet the little kingdom of Dalriada had a
being, a youth, the son of a British Prince of
Cumberland, visited Rome during the Pontificate
of Damasus, elected Bishop of Rome AD 366.
Young Nynias, or Ninian, remained there till
the succession of Siricius to the Popedom AD 384
who according to Bede finding the young Briton
trained in the faith & mysteries of the truth,
ordained him & sent him as a Christian Missionary
to preach the faith in North Britain. This is
the celebrated British Bishop St Ninian, or
St Ringan as he is more frequently styled in
Scotland where numerous Churches, Chapels,
Holy Wells as also caves & other localities
still bear his name"
Wilson's Annals of Scotland

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