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Vane Castle (Continued 026 [continued from page 47]
"he had by a Lady Vane, fell over the precipice and was drowned there. Such is the tale; but, as shewn in tracing the history of the transmission of the barony of Ferne, Beaton never had any proprietary interest in the parish &c. &c."
Land of the Lindsays.
The Walls of the Ruins are almost their original height as they at present stand, but they are gradually crumbling away or downwards. Remains of the tower at the south-west corner of the building are tolerably entire near the foundation. The square portion of the Castle on the N. [North] East, which is stroked on the Examination Trace, has a vault with an arched ceiling or roof, and this is the only part of the Ruins of Vane Castle having a roof covering remaining. No roofing whatever remains of the proper roof of this Castle.

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Co. [County] Forfar -- Fearn Parish

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