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VANE CASTLE (In Ruins) Vane Castle (In Ruins)
Vane Castle (In Ruins)
Vane Castle (In Ruins)
Vane Castle (In Ruins)
Vayne Castle
Vain Castle
Vain Castle
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Mr Tosh, Wellford
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026 "The Castle of Vane by all tradition was appropriated by Cardinal Beaton for the residence of a lady Vane probably a corruption of Bane, or Bain signifying White or Fair. The Castle (now a ruin) is situated on the brink of a romantic little den, the channel of the Noran. The name of Tammy's Hole or Cradle is still given to a deep pool in a dark cavern of the channel, in reference, it is said to the loss of a child of his by the same lady" New Statl. [Statistical] Account.
"Popular tradition ascribes the erection of the Castle of Vayne, or the Old Manor House of Ferne to Cardinal Beaton, whither he is said to have resorted 'for less consistent purposes than his vow of celibacy', and a deep black pool in the Noran near the Castle is called Tammy's Pot, from a story that one of his sons, whom
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Co. [County] Forfar -- Fearn Parish

"At Vayne, on the North side of the Noran
overlooking a singularly picturesque part of the
river, the more modern lords of Ferne had a
residence, for there the ruins of a pretty large
baronial building are still to be seen - The
Castle of Vayne was built by the Lindsays & from
them the barony passed to the Carnegies of Southesk"
Memorials of Angus & Mearns p [page] 327

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