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CASTLETON On Site of Fort Castleton William Mount, occupier
Mr Simpson, Ingliston
Mr Stevenson, Teacher
Valuation Roll for 1856 & 57
037 A first class farm house having suitable offices, garden & a large, arable farm attached. The property of Lord Whanncliffe. It stands upon a mound or plateau of earth which, from the peculiar nature of the surrounding country & the absence of undulating surfaces or wood, presents rather a prominent feature in the general tameness of the locality. It is bounded on the E. [East] and S. [South] sides by what would appear to have been an artificial ditch, now planted with trees & shrubs which considerably hide its abrupt appearance upon these sides. Upon the W. [West] & N. [North] sides it is traversed by Commerton Burn, which antiquaries conjecture to have been the source of supply whence the ditch was filled with water. Upon these sides the mound presents a gentle incline for a couple of chains up to the dwelling & formed into a vegetable garden & flowerbeds. Upon the opposite sides where the face is abrupt the plateau may be about 18 feet over the bottom of
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Sheet 37 No. 14 Trace 6 -- Parish of Eassie & Nevay

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