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Castleton (Continued) [continued from page 5]
the ditch & 12 feet over the surrounding country. A few years ago, before the present dwelling was erected, it stood some half a dozen feet higher which was taken down for the new building & improvement of the place. Before it came into the hands of the present proprietor, it sometimes got the name of Castlenairne: a Mr Nairne being its owner, & this is the name given it in the New Sta. acct. [Statistical account] although it has been always known by its present name. The inhabitants know nothing of its history beyond conjecture that it must have been used in a former age as a fortification. The New Sta. acct. [Statistical account] states that, "whatever might have been its original purpose, it has evidently been at some time a military station. The deep & broad moat that surrounded it still remains. Traces of a draw bridge were at one were at one time visible. Some years ago, several coins of Edward I. were found on it, & still more recently a spear- head, evidently of great antiquity. **** It is highly probably under these circumstances that the English army under Edward had occupied this position". At the present day there is nothing seen or known of the drawbridge mentioned.

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