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Site of ST. JOHN'S or HOLY ROOD CHAPEL Site of Rood Chapel
Site of Rood Chapel
Church of St. John the Evangelist of the Slate Heughs (Site of)
Chapel of the Holy Rood (Site of)
Charles Guthrie Esqre.
Mr. George Kydd Sexton
Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee
Mackie's History of Dundee
054 [Situation] On the south side of Broughty Ferry Road.
This applies to the place where a Chapel or place of worship once stood. It is said to have been erected in or near the Centre of a smal Burial ground which stands on the south side of the Broughtyferry Road, but at what time it was erected or when it was demolished Could not be ascertained
"This Chapel was situated upon a rock a short distance east of Carolina Port but all records regarding it are buried in obscurity. Its original appelation was Kilcraig, from Kil — a place set apart for religious worship and interment drawn from the settlements of the Culdees — and Craig a rock upon which it was situated. + + + + + + + + + + + The imposition of the modern name of Haly Rood or Holy Rood from which the place has now the name of Rood Yard is owing to the Romanists after they had displaced the original possessors The Chapel Yard was formerly used as a place of interment for seafaring people strangers and those whom accident or violence brought to a premature end and it is still used as such by the family of Craigie who lately erected a vault there, and by several others who possess right of sepulture within its precincts. - Though we have called this a Chapel, it is not improbable that it was a Church, the pristine characteristic difference betwixt them being that a church possessed a burying ground and was entitled to administer the sacraments." + + + + + + + + +
Mackie's Hist. [History] of Dundee page 113
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