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Church of St. John the Evangelist of the Slate Heughs (Continued from page 25) [continued from page 25]
"This church was situated upon a rock a short distance east of Carolina Port at about a mile and quarterly nearly from the High Street. Immediately on the south side of its site there is a quarry which seems to have furnished a kind of coarse flag-slates from a remote period and hence the designation of the Church "St. John of Sklethewchis" or Slate quarries to distinguish it from Churches dedicated to the honour and memory of the Evangelist at other places. The time of its erection and the name of its founder are both unknown neither is there anything Certainly known in so far as we are aware of its fixed endowments beyond what is contained in the ancient Rent Roll of the town's property. These endowments amounting to the trifling sum of £8.3.11 were derived from seven owners of house property in various parts of the town but as the church was a parish church and the parish had most likely comprehended the estates of Cragie and Wallace-Craigie the prædial and other ecclesiastical burthens affecting the land would of course contribute to make the living at least respectable.
In the Course of last Century and perhaps earlier the Church-yard open and neglected was used as a place of interment for seafaring people not belonging to the town for strangers and for those whom accident or violence brought to a premature end. It was also the family burial place of the Kyds formerly desinged [designed] of Craigie, who acquired that estate about or before 1660 and as a place of interment it is still used particularly by the present family of Craigie (who erected a vault in 1829 at nearly the centre of the ground) and by several other families possessing a right of sepulture within its precincts either as fewars of parcels of the lands of the lands of Craigie or by purchase. The area is limited a large part on the south side having been quarried away many years ago but what remains is substantially enclosed and beautifully planted with ornamental trees and shrubs. The Church would seem to have stood a few feet to the North-east of Craigie's vault. In digging two graves in May & June 1844 at the spot several courses of strong mason work were dug up and in no other quarter of the ground was any obstruction of the kind ever met with." Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee page 315-6.

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