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Site of TOWN GUARD HOUSE [Dundee] Site of Town Guard House
Site of Town Guard House
Mr. Young Tailor and Clothier High St.
Mr. James Thomson Small's Wynd
054 [Situation] At the south-west end of the High Street
This place is pointed out as being the site of the Town Guard House. It appears on Crawford's Plan of Dundee 1776 and is of small dimensions, but it is generally considered by the inhabitants as very ancient. They assert that it served in time of the old system of Police or Town Guards the purposes of a Lockup or temporary prison as well as a station for the Town Guards - The lower storey of the large building which now covers its site are shops - the upper Storey is a large room used as a Commission Sale Room this part was originally used and built for the purposes of a Chapel for a congregation of Independent Episcopalians which soon after joined the congregation of St. Pauls after which the hall or chapel was long used by a society or Institution called the Literary Institute.
Site of THE TRON [Dundee] Site of the Tron
Site of the Tron
Mr. Young - Tailor High Street
Mr. James Thomson
054 [Situation] In the southern end of the High Street.
Opposite to the Town Guard House
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Site of Tron [note]
In Edinburgh where the word Tron is still used
as the name of a church it is never spelled with
the final, e, yet in Jamieson's Dictionary it is
spelled Trone, so that it appears the orthography
of the word is not settled. It may be remarked
that the pronunciation in Edinburgh would war-
rant the spelling with the final, e, . Therefore whichever
mode has been found at Southampton to be
most popular as far as the spelling of this name
from other Divisions in Scotland correspond, will be
the best mode to adopt as it will best shew the general usage

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