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[The Luckenbooths, also Birthplace of first Duchess of Monmouth etc. v. page 30]

"The west end of the square or High Street which embraces a beautiful and grotesque view falls next
to be illustrated. The dark tower of the church rises in gloomy majesty above the top of an ancient build-
-ing long denominated the Luckenbooths at the extremme Corner of which a turret still remains. The
association connected with this venerable pile partake of a character and interest which cannot fail
to impress every spectator. This same mansion was chosen by General Monk as his residence when he had
taken possession of the town and consigned it to be pillaged by the hands of the soldiery as has been
already stated. Under the same roof the celebrated Anne Scott daughter of the Earl of
Buccleuch afterwards Duchess of Monmouth is said to have been born. Her parents at the time were
among those who had taken refuge within the walls of Dundee during the usurpation of Cromwell.
Here also in 1715 the *Pretender took up his residence during his sojourn in town. The lower part
was originally [divided] into arched sections similar to those of the old Customhouse. The doors and win-
dows of the shops however have been modernized and enlarged. The Luckenbooths run west into
the Overgate anciently called Argylegaet." Mackie's history of Dundee page 145

* It is not quite certain that the Pretender occupied this house as in Thomson's History another
house is mentioned in which he slept - so that there seems to be a different of opinion on
this circumstance.

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