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Remains of Hospital and Site of Red Friars' Convent (Continued) [continued from page 57]
the church was laid aside for the laudable purpose of redeeming Christians from Mahometan Slavery and this independent of donations and collections which were wholly applied to the same noble and generous purpose.
Of the landed property that belonged to the ministry only a part of it is known to us and that part consists chiefly of some of the fields called Wards or meadows which indeed is the name of a large extent of ground at the north side of the ancient royalty." &c., &c. Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee pp. [pages] 324-5

"There was in Dundee a Convent of Brethren of the Holy Trinity (Called also de Redemptione Captivorum and "Red Friars") who are chiefly known in connection with their Hospital, Sir James de Lindsay who died in 1397 granted to the brethren of the Holy Trinity his tenement in Dundee to be a Hospital and maison Dieu for them and for the support of the said brethren and the sick and infirm therein dwelling by his appointment; And King Robert III. in confirming that grant endowed the said Hospital and maison Dieu with the church of Kettens and its whole fruits and revenues so long as they could not be enjoyed under an old grant to the Hospital of Berwick then in English hands. Other property in land and ground annuals had been acquired by the Hospital before the Queen's grant. There is no evidence of any specific legal transference of the Hospital or its property from the Brethren of the Holy Trinity to the magistrates of Dundee previous to the date of Queen Mary's Charter," &c, &c. + + + Report by Mr. C. Innes In causa Presby. [Presbytery] of Dundee against the magistrates of Dundee pp. [pages] 4 & 5

At the part of the Nethergate opposite the foot of Tay Street Stand the dilapidated remains of the hospital The date of its foundation is unknown. On the 15th. of April 1567 Queen Mary granted to the magistrates Council and Commons of Dundee for behoof of the ministry and hospital all lands, &c, which had belonged to any Chaplainries altars or Prebendaries within the liberty of the town with the land which belonged to the Dominican and Franciscan Friars and the Grey Sisters which which were incorporated into one estate to be Called the foundation of the ministry and hospital of Dundee. This charter was confirmed by James VI. in 1601. The property of the hospital though under charge nominally of an hospital master is in fact under the administration of the magistrates of Dundee. The house has been allowed to fall down and the funds belonging to it are now applied to the aid of poor burgesses. Fullarton's Gazetteer

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