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O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] Perth
4th. Nov. [November] 1857
Sheet 54-9 No. 10 Traces 1, &. 2,
In Thomson's History of Dundee
page 320 It is stated that the
"Chapel of St. Nicholas was
Situated on the large rock
at the Ferry Harbour which
from the Saint had the name
of St. Nicholas' Craig and
which was until a few years
ago the site of the public
Slaughter House." - and in
Fullarton's Gazetteer it is said
"On a rock at the western
part of the harbour originally
called Nicholas rock and
afterwards Chapel-craig stood
the chapel of St. Nicholas"
The name of this Chapel
and rock should have
been written on trace and
in Name Sheets. Even tho' [though]
the rock may have been
quarried away there is
little doubt but that the
spot where it stood can be still
identified. Will you have
the goodness to make research
concerning these objects &
write the proper names in
the usual form in the proper
position on trace and write
Descriptive Rks. [Remarks]

Corpl. Smith
[Royal Engineers]
By order
PDurnley RE

[Draft reply in right hand column:]

12th. March 1858


[note against first half of para 2:] Now written

[note against second half of para 2:] Attended to

To Major Cooke
RE [Royal Engineers]

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