List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
Site of ST NICHOLAS' CHAPEL Site of St. Nicholas' Chapel R. Grey Esqr. Earl's Lodging
James Thomson Smalls Wynd
Mr. J. Callanan Shipbuilder Dundee
Mr. William Cuckson Craig Pier Ho: [House]
054 [Situation] On the west side of South Union Street
This site is pointed out by Robert Grey Esqr. the former proprietor of the property, & of lands adjacent, who states that the Title deeds which extend back for a Considerable period set forth originally the right of the owner to nominate a Chaplain to Chaplenry of St. Nicholas - The Chapel having either fallen into decay or been demolished at a very remote period, no vestiges of the original fabric have been brought to light within the memory of man & consequently no particulars of the building, as to its extent &c. can from the lapse of time now be given. History & tradition alike are
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