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ST PAUL'S COURT St. Paul's Court
St. Paul's Court
St. Paul's Court
Dundee directory
Mr. J. Brown St. Paul's Court
Mr. David Petrie Seagate
054 [Situation] On the eastern side of the Murraygate
A Court extending from the Murraygate opposite the Dog Well, - Eastwards to the Seagate at the South Side of the Entrance to the Star Inn. There is a thoroughfare through a Bottling Cellar under a Wine & Spirit Store Connecting the two portions of this Court the Thoroughfare is not a passage. The Seagate End of this Court is called Jobson's Court in the directory, but improperly so: it being all St. Paul's Court
Site of ST PAUL'S CHURCH Site of St. Paul's Chapel
Site of St. Paul's Chapel
Site of St. Paul's Church
Site of St. Paul's Church
Site of St. Paul's Church
Mr. J. Brown St. Paul's Court
Mr. Thomas Nicholson Castle Street
Mr. Charles Roger Dundee Library
William Reid Esqr. Writer
Mr. Thomson. - Historian
054 [Situation] In St. Paul's Court
This is pointed out, by the authorities quoted, as the Site of St. Paul's Church. There remains none of the old Church as they were all removed to make way for the dwellinghouses Occupying it site. In the excavations for the present houses there were discovered Several Graves & other remains of a Burial ground; and the Well, said to be that used in Connexion with this Church still remains in the Cellar beneath Mr. Brown's Wine Store.
Mr. Charles Roger possessed property at one time adjoining the place and he states that reference is made in the Title Deeds to the site of St. Paul's Church as being adjoining his property on the west side, but he says that he never saw any vestige or traces of a burial ground here.

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