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Church of St. Paul [see page 31]

The first church known in Dundee is believed to be that of St Paul which was situated
betwixt the Murraygate and the Seagate nearly opposite the Dog Well and where a small Court
opening from the former street bears the name of the Apostle. At what time it was erected in
what manner it was endowed and by whom are all alike unknown. The place where it stood
and also its burying-ground, have been for many ages occupied with other buildings in
the walls of the oldest of some of which are to be seen niches fragments of sculptured stones
and pieces of moulding relics no doubt of the desecrated church. This district of the town
is the cure of the vicar or senior minister of the South church and hence it takes
the name of the parish or district of St. Paul.
Thomson's Hist. [History] of Dundee p. [page] 314

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