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Chapel of St. Salvator (Continued) [continued from page 61]
This chapel was erected before the reign of Robert III. but by whom is not upon record. Its situation was on the summit of the rocky eminence on the north side of the High Street and Overgate, where a Close or Court leading to where it stood (for its site is now quarried away) bears its name. From the proximity of its situation to the palace in the adjoining Court of St. Margaret now called the Maut Close it is not impossible that it was an appendage to the regium donum; or it may have been erected and endowed by some member of the noble house of Angus after it became possessed [of] the palace. In 1825 or in 1826 while some work people were digging among the foundations of the chapel they discovered some fragments of ancient monuments of the dead and also a considerable quantity of bones - no doubt the memorials and relics of some benefactors to the church who had chosen the consecrated area of the chapel for their last resting-place. One of these monuments is reported at its discovery to have been pretty entire and the latin inscription in Saxon characters legible. The stone was a kind of red sandstone and was set aside with the design of preserving it but while the workmen were absent at dinner some wicked persons dashed dashed the relic in pieces and thus prevented any advantage being derived from the information which the inscription might have afforded. + + + + + + + Mackie's history of Dundee p. [page] 111

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The text on this page is a fairly accurate copy of the first paragraph of the entry for St. Salvator's Chapel in Mackie's History. A second paragraph in the original refers to the endowment of the Chapel and can be found online at google.com or via archive.org That online source has been used to supply the missing letters or words given in square brackets in the current transcription.

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