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DRYING GREEN [Dudhope Crescent] Bleaching Green (Private) Public notice affixed at the Entrance
Mr. Fulton Surveyor
054 [Situation] On the west side of Dudhope Crescent.
A small enclosure situated at the west side of Dudhope Crescent used as a bleaching Green by the tenants of houses situated in this place, in John Street and the adjacent houses It is the property of C. Kerr Esqr. Town Clerk
DUDHOPE CRESCENT [Dundee] Dudhope Crescent Edward's Plan of Dundee 1846
Dundee Directory 1857
Painted on house Corner
Mr. James Stewart (Factor) High St. Dundee
054 [Situation] At the NW. [North West] side of the town of Dundee.
A group of substantially built houses of 3 & 4 storeys situated on the East side of the Lochee Road at the corner of the Cattle market. They are chiefly occupied by the working classes and are the property of C. Kerr Esqr. Town Clerk & fued on lands belonging to the Dudhope estate. The name is applied to the ranges of houses on each side of the south end of John Street.
JOHN STREET [Dundee] John Street Mr. J. Stewart (Factor for the property)
Dundee Directory
Painted on Street Corners
054 [Situation] At the NW [North West] side of the town of Dundee.
A short narrow street intersecting some of the houses in Dudhope Crescent & leading to the rere of those buildings fronting the Cattle market. The buildings are of the same description as those in Dudhope Crescent.

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