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The Devon
Devon Water
Devon River
Devon River
Dr. [Doctor] Young
Mr. Dempster Tillyochie
Mr. Murray
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021 [situation] Passing the West side of Crook of Devon.
A small river which rises in the "Ochils", a little E [East] of Sheriffmuir, in the Parish of Blackford, Perthshire. It takes an E [Easterly] direction to [Auchlinskie], where it makes a considerable bend, taking a S.E. [Southeasterly] course as far as "The Crook", it then abruptly turns W.S.W.; [West South West] reaching the Deils Mill it suddenly falls several feet, becomes contracted, & almost hidden between high rugged rocks, forming a beautiful ravine nearly 1/4 mile in lenght, at the end of which is the Rumbling Bridge. after running a smooth course for abt. [about] a mile it again becomes suddenly contracted falls abt. [about] 30 feet and forms the celebrated Caldrons Lynn. From the lower Caldron, through a narrow space the whole stream [dashes] out and falls 44 feet perpendicular height continuing a westerly direction it reaches Alloa where it empties into the Frith of Forth
CROOK OF DEVON Crook of Devon
Crook of Devon
Crook of Devon
Crook of Devon
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Mr Gentle
Dr. [Doctor] Young Carnbo
021 [situation] 1/2 Mile S.W. [South West] by West of Drum.
A small village on the E. [East] side of the river Devon, 18 miles E. [East] of Stirling & 6 West of Kinross. It is a burgh of barony, and has a fair in May and another in October. The village takes its name from a sudden turn or "crook" which the River Devon takes at this place. See Gazetteer of Scotland.

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