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[Page] 41 [Loose Item - Page 2 of 2 of a Letter from Mr. John Sang, Writer and Factor, Kirkcaldy, to Captain J. Bayly of O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office] regarding changing a name of a property, and the copy of the reply from the latter, to the former.]

[continued from Page 40] ..neigbouring land owners if it could be altered on the Ordnance map to Clunehall.

I hope you will forgive the liberty, which your public office only excuses my taking of begging the favour of you causing the name to be altered if it can be done.
I am
very respectfully
Your most obedt. [obedient] servant
John Sang.

Capt. [Capt. [Captain] Bayly
Royal Engineers.

Ord. [Ordnance Survey Office
Glasgow 18th May 1854

Sir, I am in receipt of your letter of the 10th Inst. [Instant] and its inclosure from Mr. Anderson of Luscar, respecting the desired alteration of the name Goukhall to Clunehall on the Ordnance Map. The former name appears to be in popular use, & therefore I think it would be well to obtain the consent of the proprietor of Clune, Sir Thomas Buchan Hepburn to the alteration [upon] receiving which I will cause the name to be changed, if not already engraved.

I am Sir
Your Obedient Servant
J. Bayly Capt R.E. [Captain, Royal Engineers]

[addressee] John Sang Esqre.

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