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FORT [Drunzie] Fort (site of Supposed) Smalls Antiquities 015 [situation] About 1 1/8 Miles N.E. [Northeast] of Netherton.
The place on the east side of Drunzie farmhouse supposed by Mr. Small to have been a Fort, is an elevated piece of ground where the Trig [Trigonometrical] Station is represents the site of the Fort if ever one was erected, from the appearance of the ground and the nature of the hollow between it and Carmore the Antiquarian would probably from reading Smalls work come to the conclusion of the identity of such structures. Save Mr. Small there are no parties whom I have consulted that can honestly [apeit] the existence of a Fort or Cairn ever being in or about Drunzie [Note] nor do I believe there ever was one here. [signed] J.B. Capt. R.E [Captain, Royal Engineers]

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[Deletion] Fort [signed] J.B. Capt. R.E. [Probably John Bayly Captain, Royal Engineers]

[Note - arrowed to the words "the raised place" and "artificial" in Remarks] Shows the site not to rest entirely on conjecture - but whether a Cairn - Fort or dwelling is doubtful.

[Note] Site of Supposed Fort or Cairn - not Supposed Site of Fort or Cairn, o,m,o.

[Quotation] Page 180 Smalls Antiquities.
" The other fort is down in the hollow to the westward on the farm of Drunzie, Drunky or Drungy as it is usually called. This had been obviously the original name given by the inhabitants to the fort, as it is close by the farm house upon a steep base to the eastward, and overlooking the narrow pass on the road that had at that period gone up between the Fort and the little hamlet called Carmore Burn."

[Pencilled Note at Foot of Page] I have written the name on the trace but if the Capt [Captain] decides against it it can be easily erased. J.M.

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The arguments regarding the contents of "Smalls Antiquities" is found in many volumes of the Fife O.S. records.

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