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CAIRN [Carmore] Cairn
Mr. Walsh
Alexander Martin
Alexander Campbell
Mr. Peter Bruce
Mr. McDonald
015 [situation] 2 Miles N.E. [Northeast] of Netherton.
The object which bears this name is a rough furzy Knowe on the South side of a prominent hill on the farm of Carmore, the opinions of the old inhabitants generally agree in making this object a place of interment and connected with some early traditionary battle, in proof of which it is reported that human bones have been found in and about it but I have been unable to meet with any living witness whom found or seen objects reported to have been found there.
The late Mr. Small gives an account of two Forts being erected in this locality one on the lands of Carmore and the other on the lands of Drunzie, but it is doubtful whether the Cairn described above has any reference to the Carmore Fort [continued centre page] for this reason, that it is on the side [underlined] of the hill the summit of which in all probability would have been the position chosen so as to have a view of and guard the surrounding country; immediately north of this cairn on the summit of the hill which is now planted is a quarry wherein (bones) (humans swords etc. have been found when quarrying: this is probably the spot described by Mr. Small which is favourable from its local commanding position..turn over

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[Quotation] Page 179 Smalls antiquities.

"We find [trace] of these forts in the pass above Burnside. On of them is on the east side on the farm of Carmore, built on a beautiful round hill raised into a top, commanding a full view of the road all the way from the Gullet Bridge and a great part of the hollow of Fife to the eastward. It had been upon a pretty large scale, as its name imports, Caermore. the great Fort but unfortunately the plough has also found its way up to it. The men when removing the large stones found some burnt bones and about two dozen of pretty clear blackish beads, some of them resembling those found at Pitlochie"

[Margin Note - arrowed to above] Showing the object to have been a Cairn not a fort. J.K. Capt. R.E. [Captain, Royal Engineers]

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