List of names as written Various modes of spelling Authorities for spelling Situation Description remarks
HOW OF FIFE How of Fife Rev. Mr. Williamson Ph [Parish] Minister Collessie
John Stewart Collessie
Mr. Lawson Farmer Meadow Wells
Mr. Hurley Cupar
Mr. Gardiner Auchtermuchty
010 A large tract of low and nearly flat arable ground siticated in the Parishes of Cupar, Monimail, Kettle Collessie and Auchtermuchty. It is bounded on one side by the Lomond Hills along from Newton of Falkland by Falkland to Strathmiglow and from Strathmiglow by the turnpike road to Auchtermuchty leaving this last out of it margin keeps along by the line of Road to Hammer Head Check Toll bar and thence across by the village of Springfield leaving out this last named place - to the public road from Cupar at Crawfurd Priory. It goes along this public road from this last named place to Falkland Road Railway Station and thence in a nearly straight line to the base of the Lomond Hills near Newtown of Falkland. this boundary which is of very indefined limits includes that portion of this County so popularly known by the given name and through it flows a good the River Eden. the villages of Kettle Freuchie Newtown of Falkland and Dunshalt are situated on this plain which is also intersected by the Edinburgh Perth and Dundee line of Railway. this flat as well as being locally called by the given name..continued..

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39 Plan 10C

[Note] From the description here given of the object which is indiscriminately called How of Fife, Strath Eden and Leigh of Fife it will be seen that it cannot with any degree of propriety be written on ordnance plans, such undefined districts as this are common Scotland and serve only the purpose of reference when giving a general description of a county or large district but are not sufficiently defined to be written as proper names on plans or maps. [initials] ABK Capt.RE [Captain Royal Engineers]

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