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[Note arrowed to "How of Fife" and Margin Note] Circled in Pencil at A Trace 6 - 10-C

[Margin Note - inverted] Authorities for this Mr. Whitehead, Cupar Mr. Charles Kinnear Farmer Lizzie Wells. Mr. Williamson Freuchie.

[Description - How of Fife, continued]
..name is also called Stratheden locally. the given authorities would know equally well either of the two names. but it most commonly gets the former it is also called the "Leigh of Fife" and a small natural formed hollow in a field in Collessie Parish near Trafalgar [Inn] is also called the "How of Fife" The remainder of the valley through which the River Eden flows from the above named points - that is the Public road at Hammer Head Toll Bar [to] the Cupar and Kirkcaldy public road near Crawford Priory - from these two points the valley through which the Eden flows to the Bay of St. Andrews is called Stratheden - this you will see that the last name applys to the valley of flat land on both sides of the river from its rise near Strathmiglo to its Junction with the Sea at St. Andrews and the same valley from the same point at the rise of the river to the village of Springfield is also called the "How of Fife" - the whole of this same flat is also sometimes called the "Valley of Eden" - locally as well in Leightons Hist [History] of Fife Vol.II [Volume 2] page 6. Among those confusion of names vague in themselves and almost figurative- as well as the [particular] portion of the county to which they apply Mr. Thomas Shaw (writer etc, Cupar - [obscured] recommend that none of them would be written on the ordnance plans - this [description] will guide you in forming such estimate as by it you can see that local authorities and descriptive remarks can be given for each of the names and the portion to which although this last is about the worst defined of any.- It is quite wrong says the Revd. [Reverend] Mr. Williamson Ph. [Parish] Minister Collessie - to call the above hollow by the given name as distinct above described gets the same name - I have given it in pencil to show the conflicting local opinions.

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