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TUMULUS (Remains of) [Drummond] Remains of Tumulus
Remains of Tumulus
John Haxton Drumnod.
Andrew Jamieson Hazelton Walls.
005 [situation] About 18 chains S.E. [South East] of Drumnod farm house.
This is the remains of a Tumulus on Drumnod Farm in which were found Stone Coffins, Urns and Burnt Bones about 34 years ago, when it was partially removed for cultivation by the Father of the present occupier. The Urns and bones were removed but the Stone Coffins were not disturbed, but were again covered over and are there still. The field has been several times cultivated; at this place, however the remains of the Tumulus is quite distinct, and rises to an elevation of about five feet above the surrounding surface.

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41 Parish of Kilmany Plan 5B Trace 5

[Quotation] A few earthen vessels with bones were found on the farm of Drumnod and one of the same description at Kilmany. Some of these were of the rudest construction and others of them display more refinement of taste and more elegance of workmanship. Those found at Drumnod were in the possession of Dr. [Doctor] Flemming of Aberdeen when he was minister of Flisk and Mr. Eddie [of] Kilmany had a part of the urn found on his farm for many years. Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Co. [County of] Fife page 544.

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