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Site of CHURCH [Kilgour] Site of Church
Site of Church
Site of Church
Site of Church
F. Howden Esq. Factor.
Mr. Morgan, Kilgour.
Leighton's Hist. [History] of Fife.
Mr. Shepherd, Strathmiglo.
016 [situation] 1 1/8 miles S.W. [South West] of Easter Cash.
A church which stood on a sloping bank, a few yards east of Kilgour. I could obtain no account of the date of its erection or disuse - but it is certain that it was formerly the Parish church and afterwards removed to Falkland. Mr Morgan, tenant of Kilgour farm says he has found traces of its foundation and the field in which it was situated still bears the name of Kirkleys.

[Note] "West of Nuthill is Kilgour where the old church once stood. Full. [Fullartons] Gazetteer."

[Note] "The church (of the parish) stood originally at Kilgour in the Western confines of the parish, and before the reformation belonged to the Priory of St. Andrews. The Earl of Fife made a grant of it to the priory in 1318. The deed of mortification as well as another curious old charter, bearing date 1224, which throws light upon the ecclesiastical state of the parish at that early period, may be seen in the book of the Priory of St. Andrews, lately published at the expense of Mr. Bruce. It is difficult to ascertain when the church was removed to Falkland. The ancient burial ground was at Kilgour church which seems to have been a small building 40 feet by 16, [stood] in the centre having a quire at its east end. Not a single vestige of it is now visible, the foundations having been dug up about 20 years ago, and removed to fill up drains on the neighbouring farm. New Stat. Acct."[Statistical Account]

[Note] "Mr Shepherd, Painter, Strathmiglo an intelligent old man well acquainted with the matter pointed out the exact spot to me on the ground which is in the centre of the burial ground and therefore agrees with the Stat. Acct."[Statistical Account] [signed] J. Byrne.

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