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Falkland House
Falkland House
Falkland House
O.J. Bruce Esq.
Mr. F. Howden, Factor.
Mr. Skene, Pitlour House.
Mr. Roger, Factor Pitlour Estate.
016 [situation] 1 1/4 miles S.S.E. [South South East] of Easter Cash.
A most magnificent mansion, considered to be one of the finest in Fife. It is in the Elizabethan style of Architecture and is situated at the West foot of the East Lomond, amidst well wooded enclosures, and extensive plantations, it is the residence of O.J. Bruce Esq. who is also proprietor. The former proprietor resided in a building called Nuthill, a little to the east, but since the erection of the present mansion, Nuthill was demolished.

[Note] "Falkland House. It is built after a design by Mr. Burn of Edinburgh in the Elizabethan style of Architecture. It was begun in 1844 and is justifiably regarded as one of the most beautiful edifices in Scotland. New Stat. Acct." [Statistical Account]
Mr. Francis Dean. Falkland.
Mr. Charles Gullen. Falkland.
Francis Howden Esq. Falkland.
Mr. Roger, Factor, Pitlour
016 [situation] 1 3/8 miles S.E. [South East] of Easter Cash.
A small district in the vicinty of Falkland, on which stands the ruins of an old Mansion styled Balmblae House, the property of the Seaton family. Balmblae was originally a Royal Barony, the jurisdiction of which is now extinct.. [Note] Copied from Name Book of Plan 16.
Maspie Burn
Maspie Burn
Maspie Burn
Maspie Burn
Mr. Dean, provost of Falkland.
Mr. A. Gullen, Town Clerk, Falkland.
Mr. Francis Howden, Factor, Falkland Palace.
Mr. Langdale, Wood Mill.
Property Plan.
O.J Bruce Esqr.
016 [situation] Passing Falkland Castle.
A small stream, the continuation of Coalpit Burn flowing thro' a deep Den South West of Falkland House, from thence it runs in an easterly direction and separates the district of Balmblae from the Burgh of Falkland, passing west of the Palace Garden, and afterwards it unites with the River Eden in the adjoining plans.

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49 Falkland Parish.

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