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P.G. Skene Esq.
Full. [Fullartons] Gazetteer.
Map of Town.
Mr. Skinner.
Leightons Fife.
016 [situation] In the village of Strathmiglo.
Two small Feus situated nearly in the centre of Strathmiglo, they originally belonged to the Knights Templars and after the suppression of that Order, they fell into the hands of the Knights of St. John of Jerusalem. The eastmost Feuar is still held by his title to keep up the "Cross of St. John" on the most conspicuous part of the tenement, as the distinguishing mark between Templelands and Burgage Property". upon pain of forfeiture of the Feu without the necessity of any declaration or other process of law to that effect, "This small Temple tenement pays one shilling Scots of Feu duty to J.B. Gracie Esq. the superior of the Temple Lands in Fife. - Leightons Hist. [History] of Fife.

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17 Plan 16B Strathmiglo Parish.

[Note] "Templelands". The land which formerly belonged to the Knights Templars. Jameson.

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