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TOWN HOUSE [Strathmiglo] Town House
Town House
Town House
Town House
Plan of Town.
Mr. Skinner.
Mr. Senior.
Full. [Fullartons] Gazetteer of Scotland.
016 [situation] In the village of Strathmiglo.
A small building situated in (obscured) the centre of Strathmiglo, purchased in 1730 by the Burgesses of the Burgh of Strathmiglo to be used as a Town Hall or House, as it is called. About the year 1756, after the [superiority] had passed into the hands of the Lords [Balfour] of Burleigh, the Burgesses resigned their old Jail into the hands of the [superiors] and purchased the present town-house, [which] is smaller, but more in the centre of the [obscured]. Having obtained a right to the [stones] of the old castle of Strathmiglo (Cairn-Flappet) from the Superior, they, in 1734, erected in front of the Town Hall a handsome Steeple, consisting of [a] square Tower, terminating in an [obscured] balustrade and surmounted by [an] octagonal Spire 70 feet in height. Full. Gazetteer of S [Scotland]

This building is used by the [Feuars] of Strathmiglo - at the present [time] and is also their property.

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