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page 62
Plan 35A. Trace No.6. Parish of Carnock.
Priorypark. Priorypark. Priorypark. [Authorities] Robert Dalgleish. John Henderson. Henry Arnott. [Situation] ¼ Mile NW [North West] of Inverkeithing. [Descriptive Remarks] A neat Cottage situated on the boundary between Inverkeithing and Carnock Parishes. it is a feu off of the Clune estate, owner occupier Henry Arnott.
Mounthooly T [Toll] B [Bar] (Check). Mounthooly T [Toll] B [Bar] (Check). Mounthooly T [Toll] B [Bar] (Check). [Authorities] John Henderson. Sign Board. Ticket. [Situation] ½ Mile W [West] of Inverkeithing. [Descriptive Remarks] A small house and Toll Gate used as a check for Rumbling W[ell] T [Toll] P. [Bar] Proprietors Road Trustees.

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No details appear on this page for the Objects listed, namely Castle Row and Chalmer's Cottage. The Objects that are detailed, namely Priorypark and Mounthooly T [Toll] B [Bar], are transcribed in Extra Info.

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