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page 61
Plan 35A. Trace No.6. Parish of Carnock.
Nether Rosebank. Nether Rosebank. Nether Rosebank. Nether Rosebank. Nether Rosebank. [Authorities] Thomas Barns. Mr McDonald (Dunfermline). Map of roads. Map of Minerals 1841. Title Deeds. [Situation] 5/8 Mile North of Inverkeithing. [Descriptive Remarks] A few Cottages and gardens feued off of the Clune estate proprietor Mr McGleish, Saline, and occupied by working people.
Dander Inn. Dander Inn. Dander Inn. [Authorities] John Henderson (Backmuir). William Brown (Backmuir). Mr Danks (Wester Clune). [Situation] ½ Mile W [West] of Inverkeithing. [Descriptive Remarks] A middling good house at the west end of Milesmark, It formerly was a public house which gave rise to the name, at present it is occupied by working people.

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No details appear on this page for the Objects listed, namely Blossom Cottage, Milesmark Cottage and Muirhouse. The Objects that are detailed, namely Nether Rosebank and Dander Inn, are transcribed in Extra Info.

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