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"at a remote period at a distance of fully a mile to the North West of the Town and of the present burial
ground where the Church also stood been again Converted into Common earth and scarcely does a Vestige
remain the shew where it was. At the time of the last Stat Acct [Statistical Account] it formed part of what was the
Glebe of the first Minister of the Parish. An excambion has since been made to accommodate the proprietor
of Springfield in whose policy it lies, with the exception of its being a little more elevated than the surrounding
field nothing remains, to tell the passing stranger that the dead lie there. To shew however the
effect of prejudice upon the mind it may be noticed that there are still individuals to be found who
have an unwillingness to pass the spot after nightfall"
"The present burial ground having been set apart and Consecrated in 1415, when the Church was
removed from its former situation" &c.
New Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] of Fife page 5 & 6.

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