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Parish of St Andrews

"Under this enactment (an act past [passed] 1579) the three colleges continued to subsist until the year 1747 when in consequence of the utter inadequacy of the provision for the principals and professors of the two philosophy colleges they were united by an act of the British parliament under the denomination of the United College of St Salvator and St Leonard. By this act the endowments were reduced from principals and ten professors, of which the establishments formerly consisted to one principal and eight professors. On this occasion the buildings and the chapel of St Leonards were sold and are now partly the property of Colonel Playfair son of the late principal and partly of Sir david Brewster the principal of the United College, etc. etc Leighton's Hist [History] vol. [volume] 3 p. [page] 25 "Since the arrangement in 1747 no change has been made in the constitution of the United College which has been accommodated in the buildings originally belonging to St Salvator's College. These form an extensive Square enclosing a quadrangular court. The entrance gate is at the west end of the south side the remaining portion of that side being occupied with the chapel erected by bishop Kennedy an elegant structure in the pointed style having a handsome tower and spire at its western termination" etc etc. "The other sides of the quadrangle were occupied by the class rooms the public Hall and

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