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Parish of St Andrews

the rooms in which the persons holding bursaries resided. These buildings having become mean and ruinous the royal commission in 1827 ordered plans to be prepared for restoring the United College and repairing St Mary's and the University Library. These plans were approved of by the lords of the treasury and the barons of Exchequer were authorised to proceed in their execution. The repairs on St Mary's College and the library were completed according to the plan and one half of the buildings proposed for the United College was erected when unfortunately for the University the Grey administration came into power and the remaining portion of the sum intended to have finished the United College was assigned through the interest of Mr Bannerman member for Aberdeen to the Marischal College of that City. The buildings of the United College which have been erected are in the Elizabethan Style and very elegant and it is much to be regretted that they have not been completed so as to afford the full accommodation required. In the old hall of this college is still shewn the pulpit in which Knox preached when in St Andrews. The buildings of St Mary's college are situated on the South side of South Street and occupy two sides of a quadrangle. On the west side is the Divinity Hall and the principal's House on the north is the University Library The Façade of the library which fronts the Street is very handsome and has carved upon it the arms of all the bishops and archbishops who were chancellors of the University from Bishop Wardlaw to Archbishop Ross" etc Ibid Page 26

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