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Site of ST SALVATOR'S COLLEGE St Salvators College (Site of)
St Salvators College (Site of)
Walter F Ireland Esq Factor to the College St Andrews
George Boyack St Andrews
012 Nothing now remains of this College except the Janitor's House or Porters Lodge, it was attached to St Leonards in the year 1747 and still was used as a College until the erection of the United College partly on its site.
COLLEGE CHURCH Formerly St Salvator's Chapel College Church St Salvators
College Church St Salvators
College Church St Salvators
St Salvator's Chapel now College Church
Walter Ireland Esq Factor to the United College
George Boyack St Andrews
Dr Alexander Alexander St Andrews
Leighton's Hist. [History] of St Andrews
012 A handsome little church, built in the gothic style of architecture, which forms the South side of the square of the United College. It was erected about the middle of the 15 Century by Bishop Kennedy, on the North side of the Church is a superb tomb of Black marble over the remains of its pious founder which is stated to have cost £10,000, but was shamefully defaced by some unskilful workmen about 50 years ago, while the edifice was undergoing some repairs; It belongs to the United College, and is seated for the Accommodation of 500 persons, Communicants about 200. The Rev John Cook is the present incumbent whose salary is about £200 yearly. It is the parish church (at present) of St Leonards parish.

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North Side of Market Street Within the United Colleges [Situation for St Salvators College]
North side of Market Street [Situation for College Church]

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