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led to Suppose that
it was once a parish
church or at least a
district church from
the fact that the parish
was once called PitcoKs
and as there was a
Grave yard attached
Should it not be
designated Pitcox Church
(site of)
or Pitcox Chapel (site of)?
Will you have the
goodness to State what
information you can
give relative to the above
queries. This is required
By order
R. [Quin]

[Right hand side continued]

as there are no records of
it Kept by the Ph. [Parish] Concerning
this church there is a Local
tradition to Say that it was
the Ph. [Parish] Church as above States
before the building of the one at Stenton
now in ruins/ - John Bell
a Native of Pitcox And a man
now nearly Seventy Years of age
Says that in his Younger days
he has often heard it said to
have been a Roman Catholic
Chapel. After the Reformation
a Ph. [Parish] Church and the only one
in the Ph. [Parish] that it was replaced
by the Church now in ruins at
the village of Stenton as a Ph. [Parish] Church
When standing it formed part
of the buildings of the village of Pitcox
Consequently Should be written Church (site of)
This last is purely a question for
Settlement in the Division Office

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