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O.S.O. [Ordnance Survey Office ] Edinburgh
28th Sepr [September] 1853
Plan 11A
Trace 4
In your research con
cerning the Site of church
at Pitcox on the estate
of Beil have you
ascertained whether
it was a parish church
or a chapel Subordinate
to the parish church?
The accounts published
of the parish are not
clear as to which church
this was. I would be

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1st October 1853
The church which formerly
Stood at Pitcox the Site
of which I have Shown
On the Trace is locally
Said to have been first a
Roman Catholic Chapel And
that it afterwards done
duty as a Parish Church
down to the period when
the Old Church now in
ruins was built at the
Village of Stenton - the
period at which this change
took place is unKnown

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