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"There is mentioned in the Saxon annals as place of worship under the name of
Ecc. S. [Ecclesia Sancti] Baldridi which Stood on the Site of the present church So far back as
1000 years ago." Stat. Acct. Of Co. [Statistical Count of County] Haddington 1841 page 28

"The village of Preston derives it's name like other Prestons from its being hamlet
of the Priest. It is very ancient and there appears to have been a church here in very early
times, on the northern bank of the Tyne. Preston was one of the villages where Baldred
preached and was one of the three villages which contended for his body after his
decease in the 7th Century. Baldred was long the patron of this Parish which he had
dignified by his residence."
"The tradition is that he had built that then church which was rebuilt in 1770. His
Statute lay long in the Churchyard and Mr. Baron Hepburn intended to have caused it
to be built into the church wall, but an irreverent mason broke it in pieces during his
necessary operation.- Mr Barron's MS. [Manuscript] Letter to me of the 1st December 1801" &c, Chalmers Caled. [Caledonia] Vol 2 p 541

"A place of religious worship it would appear has subsisted on the same spot where the
church now Stands as far back as a thousand years. It is mentioned in the Saxon annals under
the name of the Ecclesia Sancti Baldridi the tutelar Saint of the place: And that record bears that the

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