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the Saxons having made an irruption into East Lothian in the eight century burnt Ecclesiam
Sancti Baldridi et adjacentum vicum de Tyningham, a Small village about a mile eastward
of this place. It is a Curious fact that upon taking down the old church 23 years ago the
oak beams bore on them in several places evident marks of fire so that it is so that it is probable they had
belonged to the ancient fabric and Consequently must have stood there nearly 1000 years.
Some places adjoining to the church Still bear the name of the ancient tutelar Saint as Baldrid's well
and Baldrid's Whill a pool or eddy in the river. The Chancel at the east end of the old
Church Still remains and is the burial place of the family of Smeaton." - Old Stat. Acct. [Statistical Account] Vol. [Volume] II p. [page] 86

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