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DUNBAR CASTLE (Ruins of) 006 [Continued from page 41]
the brunt of war and had been so often the asylum of the unfortunate and the guilty was ordered by Act of Parliament to be demolished which was subsequently carried into effect.

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Parish of Dunbar
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Castle Continued [from page 41]
frequently ravaged and burnt. The Castle was often besieged
and sometimes bravely defended particularly anno 1336. when
under the government of a lady called Black Agnes of Dunbar, the wife
of PatricK Earl of March and the Sister of Randolph Earl
of Murray. This manly heroine in the absence of her husband by her
vigilance and military courage forced Lord Montague to raise
the siege & leave the Country, etc, etc. -- Sinclairs Stat. Acct. vol [Statistical Account volume] 5. page 484

"The Castle of Dunbar had often furnished a larger Theatre for warliKe exploits in earlier times
The ruins of this fortalice which is seated on a rocK above the sea is the Dun-bar or strenght
upon the summit of the ancient people. As the land in this vicinity was given by Malcolm Canmore
to Cospatrick, the expatriated Earl of Northumberland we may easily suppose that he here
strenghtened a castle which was completed by his warlike and opulent successors the Earls of Dunbar
and March. The sieges which it successively sustained by the most warliKe princes are satisfactory
proofs of its strenght from its natural position and artificial worKs. The foul deeds and flight of
James Earl of Bothwell induced the parliament of December 1567 to direct its demolition. The neigh-
-bouring town derived its existence and its name from the castelated cliff". -- Chalmers Caledonia vol [volume] 2 page [407]

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